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Crossing the Waters – Mexico City metropolis


New blog, first blog!! what to write, ehhhh, i’ll get my style-socks on soon enough. Free writing flows hopefully without much editing….

So I’ve landed, after many a drawn-out farewell to all my clann in Ireland. I’m finally here In México D.F. (Distrito Federal), 7 years later….seven years of waiting for good mexican food, hehe! First day, just taking it easy, but a quick walk around in my lovely couchsurfing host’s neighbourhood, and it’s all sights and sounds buzzing beautifully at me, old Volkswagen beetles, food aromas twirling my gastric juices, teasing evening heat (slept in the afternoon after my overnight flight), swaying mexican accents and lingo just warm me right up inside and out. I’m home, sorta!

So, this is Chati, la cuya de mi amiga Joul, con quien me estoy quedando en DF.  Yes, it’s gonna be bi-lingual posts my friends. Disculpen, y aprendan 🙂 She’s a sweet lil spoilt thing who likes to eat cables, and Joul’s clothes sometimes. eeek.

So, when in a city of 20 million folks you gotta expect some chaos, but so far the traffic hasn’t been as nuts as Lima Perú, but the smog sure is mad. I can feel it in the air when I’m out and about. They have many electric buses though, and they limit the number of cars that can enter the city each day depending on whether your number plate ends on an even or odd number, like they do in Bogotá, Colombia. Ta bueno. My ultimate novelty factor was yesterday when I took a bus and it said ‘Solo Damas’, ‘Women Only’….all of a sudden the bit of anxiety I had about traversing this huge city on my own disappeared.  It really was a lovely experience…..I never would have thought it, but with latino macho culture, I do feel more threatened here, so I think these buses are a great idea indeed.

So, I’ve had 5 fab days here in the capital hanging out with my fab host Joul, eating, little site seeing, partying. Now I’m off to Chiapas tonight so we’ll see you on the other side amiguitos.