This is my not-so-often updated blog on mostly ecosocial issues Im interested in and participate in….below is my original blog idea, but it’s changing as it goes!….. I’m thinking of expanding it to more personal musings and reflections on activism and how I’ve experienced it in Mexico.  For personal and outside reasons I’ve found it quite hard here ( am in Mexico 2.5 years now) and sharing my reflections I feel might help me understand this process I’m going through, that while learning lots, I feel lots of frustrations but also have had some very interesting insights comparing activism here and in Ireland, and all these crazy expectations of myself and others in my head throughout my life as an activist.  It’s an eye-openner alright and helps me question things in Ireland and here, but I also feel there’s more to life than activism, though here in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, it’s sometimes hard when folks and situations are so intense!

Oct. 2009…..

This is my first blog attempt.  I’ve just arrived in Mexico and plan to document my general experiences or just general day to day thoughts. I want to share thoughts and ideas, and cool things I may come across not just here but maybe randomly through my life wherever I may be!

My reasons for returning to Mexico (after 7 years) are many, but primarily from my own personal environmental interests and experiencing how the eco and social movements think and organise here in contrast to Europe.  First up is COP16 in Cancun in December (Conference of the Parties), the next round of UN Climate Change Talks to try come up with the next treaty to replace the Kyoto Treaty by 2012. However, it’s not like I hold out much hope for governments really agreeing anything in Cancun, or anything which could possibly kerb our emissions to the levels to mitigate climate change.  What I’m interested in seeing is how the grassroots groups who’ll attend the counter summit will debate the issues at hand, what solutions they propose, and their perspectives from developing countries’ point of view.

Well, if that strikes a chord with you, bookmark this and call back.

And so it begins…..

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