International– pay someone else to be faithful, so u can cheat guilt-free… check it out!

It’s a funny old world- Eco-socio blog from Barcelona

Just Do it – UK Climate action flick

America Latina

Colectivo Pozol – noticias de Chiapas

Activism and Politics in Latin America

Radio Itinerante –  audio interviews blog (in Spanish!) on political themes around Mexico

Proyecto Chakana – un grupo de jóvenes periodistas independientes recorriendo el continente en una camioneta y documentando por el camino

Social Justice

Tim Hourigan’s blog –  anti-war and social justice

We have the Tools we have the talent – Blog on Social Justice, climate change and education


Gluaiseacht for Global Justice – my Irish collective representing on the direct action front back home!

Shell to Sea – 11 year-long community campaign in Mayo, Ireland against Shell and Statoil who want to extract gas, rob Ireland, and ruin a small rural community

Older Blogs which might still have useful info: – Mexico City anarcho groups who went to COP16

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